HD-LINE AL-10 Wireless Alarm System + 3x PIR / Door sensors + smoke sensor + strobe sirene + remote control


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- Language: English version sent for each order delivered outside France.
- LED digital tube display, Human voice prompt.
- Allow up to 120 wireless defense zones. 8 zone type: NORMAL, STAY, INTELLIGENT, EMERGENCY, CLOSED, HELP SENIOR, WELCOME and CHIME.
- Built in high decibel siren, 8 levels adjustable.
- Four sets of scheduled disarmed function, each time disarmed you can select the included period of time and different defense zone, e-eliminating of need of the manual procedure, realizing the beauty of automatic controls.
- Automatically dial 6 groups preset telephone number when alarming; 3 groups help senior No.
- Support 10 seconds ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert.
- Support 10 intelligent socket.
- Wireless study coding, compatible with PT2262, EV 1527 encoding. Support 150 remote control and 150 sensors.
- Unique black box tech, display recent 72 disarmed records and 102 recent alarm records.
- Built-in Lithium battery, auto switch upon power failure (about 6-8 hours).

Packing List

1 control panel 
4 wireless PIR sensor
4 wireless door sensor
1 strobe sirene
1 smoke sensor
1 power adapter
2 remote control
1 User manual

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