Thermomètre Frontal Adulte YNA-800


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  • 【Measures the temperature rapidly and precisely】: Just press the trigger, and you will be seeing your temperature results in 3 seconds.
    • It is specially designed to read your body temperature by pointing it 1-5 cm (1-2 inches) at your forehead.
    • Does not need to be in contact with your skin in order to achieve a reading, it is meant to be used at a distance, and therefore contactless.
  • 【Bright and clear reading 】: It is equipped with a large backlit LCD screen that offers easy and clear reading, even in the middle of the night.
    • The big LCD screen with tricolor backlighting has an alarm system in case of medium - high temperature detection.
    • The green light indicates a normal reading – the orange light indicates a mild fever – the red light indicates a strong fever
    • You may keep track of your last 32 temperature readings.
  • 【Hygienic, reliable and touch-free 】: This frontal thermometer can measure your body’s temperature completely contactless. Great choice of thermometer to keep in family households as it is touch-free; therefore, the most hygienic manner of reading one’s temperature. Unlike other thermometers, our product does not contain any chemical products.
  • 【Battery 】: It is so lightweight you can carry it with you wherever you go and use it in any environment. It is battery efficient thanks to its automatic shutdown system in place, after being inactive for more than 30 seconds
  •  【Multifunction】: Thanks to its unique infrared technology, the thermometer can measure your foreheads temperature as well as the room temperature, so it is ideal for both types of usage. Great for parents with babies or small infants, as it can read the temperature of milk, of bathwater.
    • Convenient for all ages
    • Body heat readings between: 32 ℃ -43 ℃. Object heat readings between: 0 ℃ -100 ℃

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  • Thanks to years of clinical research, this product is now considered such a great choice of thermometer to keep in family households that is it widely used in schools and clinics today.
    • It is 100% hygienic because of its touch-free mode of use, guaranteed to give you the most accurate reading.  
  • Fever alarm : The big LCD screen with tricolor backlighting is clearly visible under any setting. By just the press of a button, you can get an accurate reading within seconds.
    • Fever alert:  this thermometer has a built-in alarm system in case of fever detection of low – medium and - high temperature detection.  Once it detects a reading that is close to being considered a fever, it emits a sound.
    • All in all, a practical, multifunctional product that is easy to use and does its job efficiently.

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